In this Adobe Photoshop beginner Course, you will learn how to edit your very first photo. We'll take a look at how to transform an ordinary photo into an extraordinary one using simple but yet professional retouching techniques. We will then take the final edited image and use it to create a mini-project where we will design a professional flyer. This will give you an insight into the other possibilities you have with Photoshop.

By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Open an image in Photoshop, straighten and crop it;
  • Color Correct your image by adjusting lighting and colours;
  • Add colours, brightness and contrast to make your photo pop;
  • Control adjustment layer display using layer masks;
  • Do Color Grading using creative retouching techniques;
  • Save or export your final photo;
  • Use the exported image into a flyer design project.

While this is NOT a very detailed course where we go into lots of details about every aspect of Photoshop, it will, however, ignite in you the desire to get started and go further in learning to use this powerful and wonderful application.

The ULTIMATE GOAL of this course is to allow anyone with very little or no prior experience with Adobe Photoshop to open an image in it, retouch it in a professional and comprehensive way and be proud of the final result.