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Welcome to Gfix Creative website! The present "TERMS OF USE" or Terms and Conditions apply to access and usage of the website accessible at https://www.gfixcreative.com/ also referred to as “Site” in this document. This document constitutes a legally binding agreement between you (referred to as “you”, “your”, “Customer”, “Registered User” or “User” hereinafter) as a user of the concerned website.

1. Acceptance of the Terms

1.1 Your use of this site and any other services or software related is governed by our Privacy Policy and the present Terms and Conditions, and any others which may be published from time to time. By accessing the website you are consciously agreeing to accept to abide and bound by them. If you do not accept those Terms and Conditions, the rules or policies you are advised not to use the site.

1.2 By using this site you are confirming that you are at least 18 years old and legally eligible to input data on the website and receive benefit from Digital Services provided here.

1.3 You consciously accept and agree that Gfix Creative reserves the right to change, amend or restart its Terms and Conditions without any prior notice.

2. General Conditions

2.1 Accessing or using this site means that you accept and comply with all the rules and regulations pertaining to the access and use of the site.

2.2 We abide by all Government of Mauritius laws and regulations (local or any other international ones) governing the e-commerce sector and Digital Services Delivery and Sales. One of them is “The Copyrights Act 2014” of Mauritius. By using or accessing this site you are confirming that you are using the services and contents available on this Site for your sole personal and private use only. You agree that you will never:

(a) download, copy, re-publish, distribute, reproduce, sell or resell any services, data or information, images, photos, texts, quotes, graphics, artworks, video clips, sound, files, databases, directories etc made available on or through this website (also known as the “Website Content”);
(b) use this website content for commercial or business purposes, especially to enter in competition with Gfix Creative, and
(c)You will not illegally use any automated or manual systematic data retrieval (collection or compilation) system to access our Website Content without prior written permission from us.

2.3 We highly recommend reading our Privacy Policy governing data collection, use and protection of personal information about this website. Using this website also means that you accept the policy and agree to allow Gfix Creative to use such information as per the contents of such document.

2.4 We may allow you to access third parties products or offers through hyperlinks and other web communication systems but be aware that Gfix Creative is not responsible for and has no control over the contents available on their website. You are recommended to carefully read their policies and terms of use.

2.5 You agree to never do any actions to try to access or uncover or computer systems integrity. If that ever happens be aware that we will take legal steps because such actions are punishable by law.

3. Contents Access System
This website provides two kinds of access to users: Free Access and Premium Access.

3.1 As a free user you may have access to a number of contents including courses, tutorials, source files, project files, completed project files, images, audio files, text, images and so on. While you will not be required to pay any fees, you will have access to only a limited amount and types of contents.

3.2 Premium users, on the other hand, benefit from a far wider range of digital services and products. Against a monthly or annual subscription fee, such users not only have access to all free contents but to all the contents available on the website. This includes full courses, tutorials, courses files, documents, professional and expert photography and design tips and tricks, expert secrets and much more. In addition to that premium users also benefit from personalised customer support as and whenever required.

Premium subscription can be cancelled anytime by the user. In spite of cancellation of subscription, the user will still have access to all free contents. Note, however, that currently, we do not provide lifetime access against a once-off payment for website contents. When a user cancels his (or her) subscription, access to premium contents is also cancelled.

4. Membership Accounts Creation and Fair Uses

4.1 Users can register on the site anytime and can have only one account. We reserve the right to reject any request for registration.

4.2 After registration users will be issued a unique user ID and will use the username and password to log in to their accounts.

4.3 Registered users must be aware that sharing their account details to other people, companies or organisation constitute a breach to the present Terms & Conditions, and may adversely harm Gfix Creative (its staff, partners and affiliates) if such information is misused. Be aware that if such things happen the user will have to indemnify Gfix Creative as well as all the parties affected as a result of such breach.

5. User Agreement

5.1 By creating an account on the website, you agree and to authorize Gfix Creative to store and use your information as per the clauses laid down in our Privacy Policy.

5.2 As a registered user you are agreeing and giving a warranty that none of the contents you submit to us goes against any copyright, intellectual property, patents or data protection laws in force in Mauritius or overseas. Note that your use of our website falls both under “The Data Protection Act 2017” and “The Copyrights Act 2014” of the Republic of Mauritius, and other international laws and regulations, like the European Union General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

5.3 For the same reason as a registered user you are agreeing, confirming and gives a warranty that all of the contents you will submit on our site shall:

(a) be accurate, true, complete and according to law;
(b) never be deceptive, false or misleading;
(c) never contain details or information which are defamatory, threatening, libellous or harassing, offensive, obscene, objectionable, sexually explicit or harmful to minors (under 18 years old);
(d)never contain details or information which encourages harm to the environment or encouraging harm and cruelty towards animals;
(e) never contain details or information which are defamatory that are discriminatory or promotes any for or types of discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, nationality, (physical body condition) disability or age;

5.4 As a registered user you are agreeing and give a warranty that you will:

(a) always use this website according to laws and regulations and the Terms and Conditions applicable to the site;
(b) not use this site fraudulently against any person or entity;
(c) never impersonate any person or entity,
(d) never initiate or get involved in attempts to illegally copy, download, reproduce, exploit or expropriate Gfix Creative’s various proprietary directories, databases, listings etc.;

6. Transactions Between Customers and Gfix Creative

6.1 By purchasing on Gfix Creative website customers agree to provide to same requested information to be able to process orders, payments (and/or shipment). We reserve the right to reject or cancel any transaction if any of its requested details are not provided or are suspicious.

6.2 By purchasing from this website customers agree that we shall not be held responsible for or liable for any damages, liabilities, harms, claims, inconveniences, costs, business disruptions or expenses of any kind which result from connection with, use of or storage of any products order or bought from the website.

7. Cases of Force Majeure

7.1 Gfix Creative shall under no circumstances be held liable for any delivery delay or failure or disruption of the site content or services delivered through its Site directly or indirectly due to acts of nature, circumstances, forces, events or causes beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation, electrical power failures, computer failure, Internet failures, telecommunications or any related equipment failures, strikes, riots, workers or labour disputes, insurrections, civil or social unrest, labour or materials shortages, flood, storms, fires, explosions, acts of God, governmental actions, war, orders of domestic or international courts or tribunals or any wrong or non-performance of third parties.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

8.1 Gfix Creative's website and related icons and logos are all its registered trademarks or trademarks or service marks. Likewise, all contents presented on the website are all copyright of Gfix Creative.

8.2 While Gfix Creative may offer services provided by third parties, you should never use any of their trademarks, service marks or logos without prior written approval from such third parties.

9. Contacting Us About This Document

9.1 Should you have any questions, messages or comments about this Terms of Use or our Privacy Policy, please contact us at gfixcreative@gmail.com.